John Holmes

LLB. (Hons)


John has practised law in Auckland for over 30 years, first as a solicitor and partner in a mid-sized firm and now as the principal of his own law firm.  He has represented clients in a wide range of general commercial and private client legal work and has established expertise in the areas of practice which are listed in our Services section.

John provides:

  • Personal attention to clients’ affairs.
  • The practical advice and maturity of judgement which comes from over 30 years experience in private law practice in Auckland.

Work carried out by John during his career to date include:

  • “Hands on” support for land developers and house building companies, including many years leading the team which handled the legal work of one of Auckland’s largest building companies.
  • Drafting and enforcement of securities for banks and other lending institutions.
  • Litigation Support
  • Drafting the Auckland War Memorial Museum Act of Parliament.   This involved reconciling the competing interests of a large number of stakeholders in a complex legal structure – a fascinating job which John regards as a major highlight of his career.
  • Negotiation and settlement of major commercial building sales and purchases
  • Representing private clients on negotiation and completion of property sales and purchases.
  • Advising on, and implementing asset protection, estate planning, trusts and Wills (which John regards as one of the most personally satisfying aspects of his practice).
  • Provision of a wide range of practical advice and services to owners and managers of mid-sized businesses.
  • Assisting migrants both to migrate to New Zealand and with legal aspects of their settlement (purchase of home, business and investments).  John was for many years a Director of the New Zealand Association for Migration and Investment.

Personal Interests:

John Plays jazz trumpet in a small dixie group and enjoys going boating – when he gets the chance.