Real Estate Transactions


The Purchase of a home is usually the most significant financial investment ever made by our clients, and requires timely legal advice to minimize potential risks. Commercial property transactions similarly require timely and specific legal advice to ensure that the best outcome is achieved for our clients.

We can review sale/purchase proposals and sale and purchase contracts at short notice prior to our clients signing, to identify issues which require more investigation and to suggest amendments to protect our clients’ positions. We assist clients in negotiating the terms of purchase/sale agreements. We check the certificates of title and review and advise on instruments registered against the title.

It has become increasingly important for clients to be reassured that the property which they are considering purchasing is in full compliance with the Building Act requirements for building permits/consents and does not leak.  HDA Lawyers can obtain and review council records for the property and can assist with getting and assessing building inspection reports.

We can help in identifying sources of finance and advising on loan terms. We are experienced at advising on and negotiating solutions to issues or disputes which arise in the course of property transactions. We have excellent connections with all banks for the purpose of implementing smooth settlement of transactions.

Building a new home from scratch can be a stressful process. We can reduce that stress by ensuring that the building contract contains appropriate terms to protect the homeowner’s interests.